Catholic Websites for Confirmation Class

Busted Halo
Busted Halo feature stories, reviews, interviews, faith guides, commentaries, audio clips, discussions, and videos to help young people understand and connect to their Cathoic faith.
Find access to leading Catholic magazines and newspapers, papal encyclicals, Church documents, helpful devotional services – all in a new, smartly-designed and streamlined format. Features the latest Catholic news from around the world, straight from the highly-regarded, Rome-based Zenit News Service. You get their guarantee that the content will be 100% in accord with the teachings of the Pope and the living Magisterium of the Church.

Catholic Educator’s Resource Center
The Catholic Educator’s Resource Center provides an internet library of journal articles, essays, book excerpts, and other texts chosen for their objective, concise, and clear presentation of Catholic teachings, history, and culture, particularly in those areas in which the Church’s role is unknown or misunderstood.

Agape Bible Study
In depth Catholic Bible study that studies Sacred Scripture from the heart of the Church. Utilizes Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Church and papal documents, Church fathers, ancient Jewish sources, ancient and modern Catholic Biblical commentaries, and historical and archeological information. Completely FREE, no registration.

Catholic Answers
Catholic Answers is the largest Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization in North America. We are lay people devoting our full-time efforts to promoting the Catholic faith through books, booklets, tracts, This Rock magazine, tapes, and television and radio appearances. Our staff apologists answers questions about the faith and give parish seminars. Our catalog is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

Comprehensive List of Catholic Saints
This site offers a large searchable database of information on Catholic saints.  There are thousands of Catholic Saints listed with biographical data, prayers, images, etc. The saints are cross-indexed to other topics such as patron saints, nationality, and occupations.  There is also a calendar of their feast days.